October 2016

For Immediate Release

CALVERTON, NY- Global Marine Power, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of C & S Truck & Car Shoppe to the Global Marine Power, Inc. dealer network.

"Global Marine is a great company to deal with," said Shawn Pulver, Owner of C & S Truck & Car Shoppe. "They build a quality product for both Hustler and Checkmate, and we are proud to be representing them in Pennsylvania and Northern New York."

"We are excited to extend out dealer network," said Paul LoGiudice, VP of Marketing and Sale for Global Marine. "Shawn and the C & S Truck & Car Shoppe crew will be a great asset to selling our products."

The Global Marine dealer network consists of 15 dealers across the globe, and are hand-picked by the factory to offer products and service that exceeds expectations. Those who are interested in becoming a dealer for Global Marine Power should call the factory for more information for becoming a dealer.

About Hustler Powerboats

Hustler Powerboats, a division of Global Marine Power, Inc. manufactures 14 boats in both catamaran and v-hull designs ranging from 21 feet to 50 feet in length. More information can be found by calling the office at 631-208-2933 or visiting the web site at www.hustlerpowerboats.com. Follow Hustler Powerboats on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HustlerSpeedboats and on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/HustlerPowBoats

About Checkmate Marine

Checkmate Marine, a division of Global Marine Power, Inc. has been in business for 50 years, manufacturing 17 different models ranging from 18 feet to 30 feet. More information can be found by calling the office at 419-562-3881 or by visiting the website at www.checkmatepowerboats.net.

A Letter From a Checkmate Rally Participant

May 2016

Thank you for the kind words Mr. Joseph Campione! It's customers like yourself that makes events like this worth attending!

Dear Mr. Joseph LoGiudice

My wife and I purchased a 1988 Checkmate 241 GTX Enforcer about 3 years ago, our 1st boat ever, and are having a wonderful time meeting and enjoying everyone associated with this fun activity.

During the last year, I had come across the Checkmate Forum, and subsequently found about this years owners rally. We had planned to attend and could not wait for last weekend.

During this event, we learned a lot about boating, met numerous people, including Kip and Dean.

Kip and Dean did an outstanding job making us feel "Right at home" and they put out a wonderful spread for dinner.

I am a 3rd generation Contruction, and have been in business for many years. I would just like to say that Kip and Dean represented Checkmate in a most professional manner. You should know that these 2 are an asset to your Corporation. In the near future, I will be shopping for a new boat. You can be sure it will be a Checkmate from Kip or Dean


Mr. Joseph Campione


May 2016

Calverton, NY- Global Marine Power, Inc. is pleased to announce that the upholstery shop at Checkmate Marine in Bucyrus, Ohio is now open for outside work.

"We wanted to offer people an opportunity to get their boat re-upholstered by an manufacturer instead of an upholstery shop," said Paul LoGiudice, VP of Marketing and Sales for Global Marine Power, Inc. "By getting upholstery done by Checkmate Marine, you know that the work is done to the highest standards in the industry."

The upholstery shop, which was only open to Checkmate boats, is now open to all brands and makes of boats. Call Checkmate today to get an estimate or to learn more information.

About Checkmate Marine Checkmate Marine, a division of Global Marine Power, Inc. has been in business for 50 years, manufacturing 17 different models ranging from 18 feet to 30 feet. More information can be found by calling the office at 419-562-3881 or by visiting the website at http://www.checkmatepowerboats.net.


December 2014

BUCYRUS, OH- Checkmate Marine announces today the redesign of the 2400 Pulsare deck.

The re-designed 2400 will feature an integrated cockpit liner, removable snap-in carpet, speaker tubs, additional storage & cup holders, built-in ice chest & anchor locker, and a 2400 BRX dash styling. The re-designed 2400 Pulsare, which has been in the company lineup since 2004, will replace the existing model of the same name.

"We are excited to update the 2400 Pulsare, " said Dean Reynolds, General Manager of Checkmate Marine. "Using the same mold design as the 2400 BRX, we will be able to make the Pulsare stronger while maintaining the same weight and hand laid quality construction that Checkmate is known for."

The 2400 Pulsare will be on displayed at the 2015 Progressive Miami International Boat show in Booth B72 in the main boats hall. Additional information on 2400 Pulsare, Checkmate Marine and various models can be found at www.checkmatepowerboats.net, or by calling the office at 419-562-3881.


BUCYRUS, OH- Checkmate Marine is pleased to announce the addition of Lake Cumberland Marine of Lake Cumberland, Kentucky to its dealer network.

Under a new ownership, Lake Cumberland Marine is looking to expand into the recreational boat market by offering Checkmate products to fellow boaters who are looking for boats ranging from 18 feet to 30 feet.

We are pleased with the addition of Lake Cumberland Marine to the Checkmate dealer network, "said Joe LoGiudice, President of Global Marine Power, Inc., the parent company of Checkmate Marine and Hustler Powerboats. "The ideals of the new ownership fits perfectly with Checkmate's, which is to offer boats to the recreational boater who just wants to go out and go boating."

Checkmate currently has 14 dealers across the globe, which are hand-picked by the factory to offer products and service that exceeds expectations. Those who are interested in becoming a dealer for Checkmate should call the factory for more information.

About Checkmate Marine Checkmate Marine, a division of Global Marine Power, Inc. has been in business for 50 years, manufacturing 17 different models ranging from 18 feet to 30 feet. More information can be found by calling the office at 419-562-3881 or by visiting the website at www.checkmatepowerboats.net.

Another Happy Checkmate Customer
August 2014

We received this wonderful card from Larry and Debbie, thanking us for building an outstanding product! They have brought the Checkmate Staff members lunch for the day!

5th Annual Checkmate Owners Rally A Success
July 2014

This past weekend, 80 people and 22 boats got together at Lake Cumberland for the 5th Annual Checkmate Owners Rally for a good time! Here are some pictures that were taken, be sure to join them next year at the 6th Annual Rally! Don't forget for Checkmate Owners in Canada or living close to Canadian Border, that there will be another Owner's Rally on July 26th in Muskoka Lake.

Checkmate Powerboats To Attend 5th Annual Checkmate Owners Rally In Lake Cumberland
July 2014

Checkmate Powerboats is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring the 5th Annual Checkmate Owners Rally on the weekend of July 18th at Lake Cumberland. The owner's rally, with 25 plus boats already signed up, will start at Grinder Hill Marina and make six stops over the course of the weekend. Dean Reynolds, the General Manager of Checkmate Powerboats, will be in attendance to hand out some Checkmate swag, help troubleshoot Checkmate issues and answer any questions on new Checkmates. If you would like more information on the owner's rally or would like to take part, please visit The Checkmate Forum or send a private message on the Checkmate forum to either JJG or YellowFiero88 (The organizers of the Owner's Rally) as they will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Checkmate Owners Rally Being Held For Canadian Boat Owners

A group of Checkmate Owners are organizing a Checkmate Boat Owners Rally for the Canadian owners. The rally is being held at Muskoka Lake on July 26th, 2014. For more information on this rally, please click on the image on the below.

Newest 26 Convincor

Here is some pictures and video of the newest 26 Convincor sold by Bob Gendelman of Professional Boat Sales.

26 Checkmate Convincor from Hustler Powerboats on Vimeo.

Pictures From A New Checkmate Owner
June 2014

We received a note from Jeffery Gimino with some pictures of his new Pulsare 2400. This is what he had to say:

Thought Joe may like some images of one of the first boats to come out of the new ownership of Checkmate. I will say, the compliments I get on this boat from every type of boat owner, even the big poker run boys are just never ending and at times gushing!!! Enjoy!

A Note Checkmate Received Memorial Day Weekend
May 2014

Hi Joe, Paul and Dean- I hope this message finds you well

Dean Anderson here from Columbus, Ohio... and new owner of this insanely gorgeous 2014 Checkmate Pulsare 2400 longdeck. I just wanted to drop you fellas a note to say how thrilled I am with the boat, it's quality, craftsmanship and performance. More importantly, how incredibly impressed I was with the entire buying experience and process. I was fortunate enough to get hooked in with Dean just last week regarding some Checkmate model, performance and pricing options... when he showed me this recent custom 2400 build (stunning)

What's even more impressive is that I told Dean that I would pull the trigger as long as I could pick it up on Friday and in time for the long Memorial Day weekend. Not only did Dean help in pulling it off (With help from Tony at J & J's), but he and team provided great hospitality, gave me a personal tour of the Checkmate facility, and spent time walking me stem to stern on the new boat. Not only is that impressicve customer service and experience, but as an executive who believes that brand and client satisfaction are paramount to success/growth and return business... It sure says a lot about how Hustler Powerboats/Checkmate run their business.

Thanks for the wonderful experience guys, and looking forward to many more. Please pass my thanks along to Tony at J & J's as well.

Warmest Regards -Dean Anderson

Another Happy Checkmate Customer
January 2014

Dear Joe,

As I am sure you know, my wife and I were able to make the trip to the Checkmate factory last Monday to see the boat in person and to talk to your team about a couple of open items. They're an incredible group and the extra effort that they put into their jobs to make the customer happy is much appreciated. The small things like finding a matching bexel for the kill switch so that i matches the shifter bezel, placing a bezel behind the ignition switch so that it matches everything else on the dash and running the hydraulic lift wires up inside of the motor so that they can be run throuhgh the single hose to the splash well for a clean look are just a few examples of how they take the extra step. The most impressive comment was when I was complimenting them on the finish look of the gel coat on my Checkmate compared to other well known brand names, and the response was, "I treat them all as if they were going to be my boat." Pretty impressive group! The boat looks great and I enjoyed working with Dean, who has years of experience and guided me down the right path when my thoughts were off course and he was concerned about the finished look.

Thanks again for entertaining my thought of putting the 29' Rockit graphics on the Checkmate 2400. I know it was tough to modify the design to work on the smaller boat and especially a challenge for the factory to get the deck and hull graphics to align properly, but they did and it looks great!

I can't wait to take the first ride with Dean and see how it performs with the new 300XS Gen2 Torquemaster gear case.

Thanks Again! -Kevin

J & J Sales 360 Motorsports To Attend the 2014 Progressive Cleveland Mid-America Boat Show
November 2013

BUCYRUS, OH- Checkmate Marine Power is pleased to announce that they will be in attendence with J & J Sales 360 Motorsports at the 2014 Progressive Cleveland Mid-America Boat Show.

Dan Jenkins of J & J Sales 360 Motorsports along with a Checkmate factory representative will have a boat on display for the duration of the show.

"We are excited for people to see the new Checkmate products," said Dan Jenkins, a Checkmate Dealer from J & J Sales 360 Motorsports. "They really make a great quality product at an affordable price."

The 2014 Progressive Cleveland Mid-America Boat Show is being held between January 16th through the 20th at I-X Center.

Checkmate Powerboats manufactures 17 different models, ranging from 18 feet to 35 feet. More information can be found by calling Checkmate Powerboats at 419-562-3881 or visit the website at www.checkmatepowerboats.net.

Checkmate Marine Power Adds New Dealer In J&J Sales 360 Motorsports
November 2013

BUCYRUS, OH- Dan Jenkins owner of J & J sales 360 Motorsports is no stranger to performance boats. J J Sales 360 Motorsports has three locations Huron, Port Clinton and newly aquired Mecunne / Rt 42 Cycle in Mansfield all located in Northern Ohio to serve our Checkmate boats new and exsisiting customers.

Dan always had a passion for performance boats. In the past, Dan was formally a dealer for Cigarette, Fountain, Powerquest, and Baja Boats. Dan also has experiences in racing performance boats. Especially in a Checkmate.

J & J Sales team will promote Checkmate boats in the Northern Ohio area with new 2014 Checkmates in stock for their new and exsisting customers.

Please welcome and visit Dan Jenkins of J & J Sales 360 Motorsports for all your Checkmate needs at 1001 Sprowl Road located in Huron Ohio at 1-419-433-2523. Tony Itzo Store Manager located at Mecunne / Route 42 Cycle located at 327 Ashland Road in Mansfield Ohio at 1-419-524-2222.

Doug Smith, Checkmate Marine Power, Inc. Go Seperate Ways
October 2013

CALVERTON, NY- Checkmate Marine Power, Inc. announces today that Doug Smith, former owner of Checkmate Marine Inc. will not be a part of the Checkmate Marine Power, Inc.

After talking with Joe LoGiudice, President of Checkmate Marine Power, Inc., both came to the mutual agreement that Smith will not be a part of Checkmate.

"Doug Smith has decided to take his skills and talent in another direction," said LoGiudice. "The LoGiudice family would like to wish him much success in his future endeavors."

First Checkmate Under New Ownership Completed
September 2013

OCONOMOWOC,WI- Checkmate Powerboats is pleased to announce the completion of the first boat under new ownership.

Scott Allen is the proud new owner when he purchased a 2014 Checkmate 2000 BRX, equipped with a Mercury 250 Pro X, from Tinus Marine of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to be his first Checkmate that he has ever owned.

"He is very excited about this boat," said Austin Tinus, Sales Manager of Tinus Marine while delivering the boat to Scott. "Hopefully this will be one of many Checkmates and Hustlers that he will own."

Checkmate Powerboats manufactures 17 different models, ranging from 18 feet to 35 feet. More information can be found by calling Checkmate Powerboats at 419-562-3881 or visit the website at www.checkmatepowerboats.net.

The Ides of March Is Upon Us
March 2013

The famous ground hog saw his shadow on February 2, so according to Phil, we are just a few weeks away from an early Spring!

It's good to see that the boat shows have been busy. The East Coast storms have brought out the buyers. Don't forget you can always check our website for upcoming shows in your area. And be sure to stop by and say "hi" when you see us.

I wanted to share with you a great website called "Speed on the Water" that you need to bookmark and follow. Recently, they did a nice article on our 50th Anniversary. Bill Combs was in heaven detailing the company history! It's a great read, and you can find a link to the article on our Facebook page.

The boating industry is getting ready to force more regulations on the manufacturers. The next challenge is gas tanks – they all must have charcoal filters – along with several other changes. This is going to add anywhere from $170 - $300 per boat. The bigger the tank the more they will cost. If there is a special tank we need to make, the tank manufacturer wants $5,000 to make a proto-type. This is almost impossible to do.

Our Facebook page is updated weekly with photos of what is happening in the shop, what is leaving for dealer showrooms, and what we are currently testing (when possible). Also, we'll be starting a few exciting 50th Anniversary promos on Facebook in March - we hope you check it out regularly.

March is a good month to order any upholstery you will need this summer. We are trying to handle as much as we can before production squeezes our timeline.

We still have ice on the test lake here in Ohio, so let's pray the ground hog was right…and that warm weather will be coming soon and we can once again get out on the lake!

So now that it's March….Beware the Ides of March.

- Doug

Welcome February!
February 2013

Thank goodness the freezing cold month of January is behind us and the spring boating season is one month closer! Although – today in Ohio, it's still very cold! How is it where you're at?

We are in the process of building our first Convincor 260 with the new Mercury 565HP EFI. This should be something very special.

Sad news from the publishing front – last month we lost a performance magazine called SportBoat. A few years back we lost Powerboat magazine. The cost of printing and advertising just cannot keep up with the speed of the web. At Checkmate, however, we do support a wonderful website called "Speed on the Water" (www.speedonthewater.com) with ads. They are kind enough to put short Checkmate updates on the site. Please give them a read when you can. We are going to continue to concentrate on our Facebook page to keep you informed with new boats and specials from time to time. And we will continue to post pictures of special happenings and boats from Checkmate nation.

Boat shows are upon us and if you see any of the new Checkmates, be sure to make yourself known to the dealers. We will be at shows in Buffalo, Ft. Wayne, IN and Syracuse, NY during the month of February. http://www.checkmatepowerboats.net/showcalendar.html

Please help us welcome a new dealer: Gary Tennefoss, of Ravenna Marine, Ravenna, OH

Until next month – stay warm!

- Doug

January 2013

With all the changes in the world, the boating industry seems to move slower than the rest of the world. Our government is forcing many new regulations on our industry so we must be proactive and adapt to all the changes. One adjustment we can't get around is the new fuel tank changes, which are going to force changes that add about 40% to the current fuel tank pricing. Mercury keeps updating the I/O's with better catalytic exhaust systems, but all these changes just add to the cost of these products.

One answer is to take a closer look at the outboard line-up from Mercury. The weight is substantially less than an I/O, and the fuel economy is much better. With comparable size boats, the O/B has more interior room, but no "rampa-rampa" just a cool throaty sound and lots of hole shot.

The boat show season is upon us -- check out our calendar for boat shows in your area. We're attending shows starting in early Jan – booked through 1st quarter 2013.

Speaking of 2013, Checkmate is off to a good start -- lead times are 6 weeks+. Mercury has some very long lead times on their 4-stroke motors, so we have engines projected for the whole calendar year.

Keep your eyes on the Facebook page, we are trying to show you all as many of the finished boats as we can.

We are finalizing our 2012 sales numbers and our number 1 dealer is Professional Boat Sales in Bensalem, PA. Congratulations to Bob Gendelman and his staff!

And lastly, a warm welcome to our newest dealer: Collins Marine, Tonawanda, N.Y.

- Doug

Ho-Ho-Ho Happy Holidays!
December 2012

The Christmas season is closing in on us at Checkmate. We have many things to be thankful for – the health and safety of our Checkmate crew is at the top of our list.

The 2013 boat show schedule will soon be online, so keep checking back for a show in your area. If you can, stop out and see us.

We are still testing boats, however, it's getting very cold! And cold weather gear is a must. Every I/O is winterized as soon as we return to the factory.

We will continue to post pictures on our Facebook page. And thanks for the feedback and conversations on Facebook – we enjoy interacting with our Checkmate family.

We would like to solicit the help of our Facebook followers – we are looking for more qualified dealers for our product in some of the major boating markets. Please call Kip Combs (419-562-3881) if you have a prospect.

Enjoy December – Happy Holidays, and here's to a great 2013!

- Doug

What's New at Checkmate?
November 2012

I don't know about you all, but I'm one person that will be glad when the election is over! Between the TV & radio ads and the telephone calls telling me what I should or should not do, I'll be thrilled when November 6th is over.

I'm sure most Checkmate owners in the North have put the boats in storage for the winter, however, keep in mind if you need new or need your old interiors repaired, we have a big backlog, so expect 6-8 weeks to get your orders filled.

Check with your local Checkmate dealer, we are offering anyone who buys a Checkmate $1,500 in options toward the purchase.

The new Convincor 26' is selling well. Keep checking the Facebook page for new and updated graphics. We have spent some extra time trying to improve the speed with the Mercury 8.2 H.O. with the standard Mercury 25 Mirage, where we are in the 68-69 MPH range. We tried several other setups but found our best performance was with a lab finished 27 Mirage, at 73 MPH.

We would like to welcome the following new Checkmate dealers:
- Admirals Anchor Marina, Jeffersonville, Indiana
- Muskoka Wharf Marine, Gravenhurst, Ontario Canada

Next month we'll be thinking Holidays and New Years! Then, in 2013, we'll be celebrating our 50th Anniversary! Where has the time gone?

Enjoy your November, and Happy Thanksgiving!

- Doug

Happy October!
October 2012

Testing of the new Convincor 260 is coming along. We have seen speeds of 73 MPH with special lab props from Mercury racing. Testing has been done with stock MerCruiser 8.2 H.O. Some of the steps have been with the X dimension raised ¼" above normal. Then lowered, stock props 3-blade, and 4-blade props tested. We also tested for hole shot and handling. Most tests were with 2 people in the boat and about 20 gallons of fuel. I must say, this boat is awesome!

Testing for the 43' Punisher is underway. Speeds so far are 91.6 MPH. The drives are being changed to turn in, which should be good for a couple more MPH. (it does make it a little harder to maneuver in tight spaces).

Mercury continues to have dealer problems with all 4-stroke motors. Some are 15 weeks out. This means if you project this timeline out some boats might not be delivered until Spring (and who knows, it might get worse). Most outboards an I/O's are 4-5 weeks.

All boats leaving the factory will be winterized, starting October 1st.

We need to clarify some of the restorations we will accept. We are only doing some minor glass work. We don't have the personal to do complete gel coat jobs. Interiors are still being accepted, but remember the colors are impossible to match once the boat is a couple years old.

Keep checking the website for new dealers and boat shows.

We'd like to introduce Admirals Anchor Yacht Sales in Jeffersonville, Indiana as a new dealer. Welcome aboard!

- Doug

Say It Ain't So? Summer's Over?
September 2012

Wow, where did this summer go? Who can believe it's September already? I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer boating season. Our plate has been incredibly full all summer, and with fall upon us we will (hopefully) enjoy some breathing room.

Our 2400 BRX and the new Convincor 260 have kept our production department extremely busy. Theengines of choice are the 300 XS and the 8.2 H.O. Mercury has had deliveryproblems all summer and we thought that in the fall we would get better delivery. Unfortunately they are still 3-4 weeks out on almost all engines. The 250 and 300 Verado are still 9-10 weeks. We have tried to cover ourselves with some inventory but we still are scrambling to get Mercury product.

The testing of the Convincor 260 with the 8.2 H.O. is 69-72 mph. They all have been pretty consistent. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page as we try to post pictures of all the new boats. And please keep your photos coming as well. We love to see how you all are enjoying your Checkmate!

Don't fret that summer is over…some of the best boating is ahead…especially when you get to see the beautiful fall colors! So don't put your Checkmate away just yet.

Enjoy the water!

- Doug

Whew…It's Been One Hot Summer!
August 2012

Welcome August! The Midwest, along with most of the rest of the country, has experienced temperatures in the 90's for the last 6 weeks. We hate rain, but could definitely use some, as the grass here in Ohio is a not-so-pretty shade of brown! The website and Facebook pages are full of pictures of the first 2 production 260 Convincor and numbers 3,4,5 are currently in production. We will post pictures as we test them. (And thanks for all your likes and comments on the Facebook photos, we love sharing them with our fans!). The specs are on the webpage as well as the standards and options available.

We have had several requests for higher horsepower motors but so far we don't have any orders. Mercury has a special promotion with Checkmate on the new 565EFI, and extra $4,000 discount. I just got a phone call from Hi-Performance, and I don't know how long the deal will last (my guess is 60 days).

July 1st we started production on the 2013 Checkmate models. The new model year also brings new pricing. We are doing everything we can to hold pricing in check. Our average increase across the whole Checkmate line was about 2 1/2%.

Our webpage is updated on a regular basis so that the standards and options are current. We had deleted several of our graphics and replaced them with the checker-flag and spear graphic as seen on the new 26.

Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to Sammie at Action Marine. He is one of the early Checkmate dealers and is retired in Florida. I receive notes and stories on Checkmate history almost daily, and Sammie is a source of some of the great 50 years of our history.

Have a great August Checkmate nation!

- Doug

Happy Independence Day Checkmate Fans!
July 2012

The 4th of July is a very special holiday as we celebrate the founding of our country. Today's political climate is very different than it's ever been. Every time I look at or listen to the news we are giving up another small piece of our freedoms. Let us not forget what the 4th of July stands for.

The new Convincor 26 is up and running. Early tests with the new Mercury 8.2 HO are showing speeds of 70 MPH on the GPS speedo. This is with a brand new motor. The backlog of 26's goes clear out till September. If you are considering a new 26 get your dealer to call us. We have many dealer commitments and it may be possible to get a special order from the right dealer. Keep an eye on the Facebook page, we will be showing different colors and options available.

The 43 is almost ready for testing (just waiting on a few parts from outside vendors). We will post updates on Facebook as soon as we finish.

We are starting our 50th year in business and want to see if we can find the oldest Checkmate out there. Post your pictures and serial numbers on our Facebook page and at the end of July we will announce the winner of the oldest Mate. Prizes will be announced soon – we want to surprise you!

Lastly, I'd like to welcome a new Checkmate dealer: Captain's Choice Marine, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

Happy and safe boating!

- Doug

A Look at What's Happening at Checkmate this Season:
June 2012

The boating season is now under way all over the U.S. and Checkmate is swamped. There is a lot to talk about, so I'll try to do it in some semblance of order:

Production: our order bank is backed-up on some models until August. The 2400 BRX is a hot seller, we are 5-6 weeks out on delivery, and the dealer inventory is sparse. If you need help locating one, call Kip Combs here at our office (419-562-3881) and he will try to find you one. Our I/0 boat production is slammed. The new 26 is sold out until August. Mercury is 6-8 week delivery on some I/O's and this keeps our production time the same. The SFX is selling well and we just finished an arch for this boat – it looks hot – so keep your eye on the Facebook page for photos. We are also going to offer bimini tops for most of the models and will have inventory and pictures soon.

Pricing: each year Mercury increases prices around July 1st. This year is no exception. We have pricing and it looks like we will be increasing pricing along with Mercury to 2 ½ %. So if you are on the fence on a new boat, now is the time to make the move.

43 Punisher
: we will be water testing this boat soon. We are missing a few parts but keep looking at Facebook and we will showcase photos.

26 Convincor: we will be water testing this boat early June. We are waiting on the windscreen to take photos.

Have a great June. July 4th holiday week is right around the corner!

- Doug

I think we've turned the page on Winter... let's think Spring!
April 2012

The weather all over the country has been fantastic! Let's hope it springboards us right into a warm start to the boating season. Due to the March warm-up, many of our dealers are being bombarded with new boat sales, repairs, and requests to "get my Checkmate out of storage!"

Our Bucyrus, OH factory has been very busy. The Facebook page will continue to keep you informed with that we have going on. Keep your eyes glued to this page, we will have pictures of the new 26' Convincor and more photos of the 43' Punisher shortly!

Spring always brings many challenges to manufacturing. Most of our suppliers have very low inventory levels, which means their normal deliveries are delayed an extra 2-3 weeks. So, guess what that does to our schedule? Nevertheless, we are happy to report that we are keeping up with orders and shipments.

We do listen to customer feedback from the Facebook page and Checkmate forums. Please keep up the interaction and let us know if you have any questions. We love hearing from you and seeing your photos!

Happy Easter & Springtime!

- Doug

It's March madness at Checkmate -- and we're keeping ourselves busy!
March 2012

The boat show season is in high gear and many dealers are reporting sales and interest in the new 2012 Checkmates. The 25' SFX has been a surprise with many buyers looking for something that they can use as an all-purpose boat.

The new 26' Convincor is in the prototype stage and should be ready for delivery sometime this month. We presently have several months of backlog in the order bank.

Most of you have seen some of the pictures of the new 43' Punisher. Work is progressing nicely. Keep your eye on the Facebook page for updates.

Sales are brisk and our production schedule is filling quickly. If you are anticipating a new Checkmate this season, don’t wait until spring. We are at least 6 weeks out on delivery and this could grow. We are at the mercy of Mercury for motors. Some have 6-8 week lead times and we have made some aggressive commitments to Mercury for engines.

Our interior restorations are backlogged and we may be forced to put orders on hold until later this spring. Contact Mike Combs at (419) 562-3881 for pricing and delivery times.

And lastly, I am very pleased to announce three new Checkmate dealers to our dealer network.
• Leisure Marine Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
• Airport Marine Alabaster, Alabama
• Mahopac Marine Mahopac, N. Y.

Warm weather is almost upon us – get ready for another great boating season!

- Doug

A mild Winter has us thinking Spring!
February 2012

Ohio is having unusually mild weather – we’ve had less than 3” of snow at our corporate office. I sure hope we aren’t going to pay for it over the next few months.

Boat show traffic is very positive, with a few new sales, several quotes & inquiries and good traffic coming through our dealer showrooms.

The new 2012 brochure is on our website along with retail pricing for base models.

Checkmate Marine in We have a new ad running in the spring issue of Sportboat magazine. Check it out – it’s KOOL! We will shortly post it to our Facebook page as well.

The new Convincor 26’ is in the final stages of the plug being finished and ready for the mold. Once the mold is complete, we will make the first part. The finished product is on the horizon…hopefully early Spring the Convincor 260 will come out of hiding.

Speaking of Spring, it’s just around the corner and our schedule is filling up. Mercury is still having delivering issues with motors. The new 4-stroke 150 is sold out until April. If you are interested in ordering a new boat, give yourself 6-8 weeks for delivery. Get to your nearest Checkmate dealer and get your order in as quickly as you can.

We have added several new dealers in the past couple of weeks – look for more info next month.

Once our finished boats are ready to leave our shop, we will post photos to our Facebook page. Let us know how you like them - we appreciate the feedback and your interaction on social media.

Lastly, we are adding some new options and the NEW 50th Anniversary edition is close to being finalized.

My wife and I just got back from a sales trip in Florida…the warmth and sunshine sure makes us long for Spring up here in the North! Wishing you sunny days and thoughts of warm weather boating.

- Doug

Happy New Year from Checkmate!
January 2012

The boat shows are about to spring into high gear and Checkmate will be showcasing several models at different shows across the country. We've posted the show calendar for 1st quarter 2012 - click here to view it now.

We are closing in on completion of the new 26’ Convincor. Standard and option features are nailed down, and the deck plug is about ready for the mold to be built. We’ll post photos once we have them.

Keep your eye on our Facebook page, as we are making every effort to add new things weekly. The 26’ Convincor info will show up on the page before we post it anywhere else. Check out our website as well – we have upgraded some of the photos and added retail pricing for the base models. We expect to have a new brochure ready for the boat show season. It’s a fold up and can be used as a poster.

The new Mercury 150 HP 4-stroke is available on all the outboards. The price is only a few hundred more than the 150 XS. We tested one of these motors in the fall and it’s very impressive. Mercury did inform us, however, that this motor is sold out until April. So, if you’re in the market for a new Checkmate don’t wait too long to get it on order.

We are currently adding up our sales numbers for 2011 and it looks like our Kalamazoo, Michigan dealer Seelye Wright Toy Store is going to be our Number 1 dealer in the country. Congratulations to Jeff Kopac and his crew for an outstanding year.

Think Spring…it’s right around the corner!

- Doug

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